Liquid Seal


The Superior Alternative to Fruit Wax Coating

Discover the sustainable solution to fruit wax coating with Liquidseal. Our plant-based coatings provide a safe and effective post harvest option that meets the growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives. Unlike traditional wax coatings, Liquidseal offers all the same protective benefits without the harmful and polluting consequences.

Our plant-based coatings provide a safe and effective post harvest solution to meeting the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives to fruit wax. By offering all the same protective benefits as wax without the harmful and polluting consequences to the environment, our coatings are a superior alternative to wax.

We offer a step up from wax

Unlike a fruit wax coating, which forms a static barrier, Liquidseal provides channels to manage the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the fruit. It is completely chemical-free, but post harvest chemicals can be mixed to Liquidseal and applied for slow-release. Using our coatings changes nothing in the production lines or even at the packhouse. The same applicator can be used to apply Liquidseal. You could see Liquidseal as a sustainable upgrade to wax.

The Advantages of Liquidseal Coatings

With Liquidseal, you get more than just a fruit wax coating. Our innovative solution provides superior advantages:


Enhanced Gas Exchange: Unlike static wax barriers, Liquidseal creates channels that enable efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the fruit, ensuring optimal freshness and quality.

Liquidseal is completely free from harmful chemicals. However, if required, post-harvest chemicals can be mixed with Liquidseal and applied for slow-release purposes.

Seamless Integration: Implementing Liquidseal into your production lines or packhouse requires no major changes. The same applicator used for wax coatings can be used for applying Liquidseal, making it a convenient and sustainable upgrade.

From farm to customer, Liquidseal provides opportunities and benefits for all

Product benefits:

  • extends shelf-life
  • reduces losses
  • easy to apply
  • limits infections and cross contamination
  • maintains product quality throughout the supply chain
  • reduces weight loss
  • improves taste and appearance
  • maintains firmness


  • reduces supply chain costs
  • extends the sales window
  • limits the use of post harvest chemicals
  • opens up new markets
  • complies with requirements of zero-tolerance countries
  • provides greater flexibility in (sea) transportation
  • sustainable solution for the market
  • less need for plastic packaging during transport

How Liquidseal Works

Liquidseal forms a highly effective barrier to protect your fruits and vegetables. Liquidseal is a post harvest coating which achieves shelf-life extension of perishable products such as avocado, citrus, mango, papaya, and cucumber. Liquidseal preserves product quality and freshness from grower to customer.

  • Influence Evaporation: By reducing evaporation rates, Liquidseal helps maintain optimal moisture levels, preventing dehydration and extending shelf-life.
  • Slow Release System: Our coatings can be combined with post harvest chemicals to provide a controlled release, ensuring long-lasting protection against decay and microbial growth.
  • Regulates Gas Exchange: Liquidseal allows for the balanced exchange of gases, promoting the ideal atmosphere within the fruit, resulting in improved preservation and freshness.


Switch to Liquidseal and experience the superior alternative to wax coatings. Our sustainable and innovative solutions provide enhanced protection and minimize environmental impact. Join the movement towards a greener future with Liquidseal.

The best time to start using Liquidseal was 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

Get in touch to learn more about Liquidseal’s eco-friendly protective coatings and how they can help take your business to the next level.

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