Liquid Seal


Hydrangea Coating: Keeping Hydrangeas Fresh for Longer

Discover how Liquidseal’s eco-friendly coatings protect and enhance your hydrangea from field to vase. Our expertly formulated sealants ensure your hydrangea arrive in perfect condition, maintaining their natural splendour throughout the post harvest journey.

Hydrangea Preservation and Shelf-Life

With Liquidseal for Hydrangea coating, you can extend the shelf-life of hydrangeas and maintain their quality.

At Liquidseal, we not only protect your products but also prioritise environmental sustainability. Our biodegradable and compostable coatings help preserve global resources while extending the vase life of cultivated flowers like hydrangea. We aim to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future through successful partnerships and a shared passion for excellence.

Results: Exceptional Quality and Versatility

Liquidseal offers sustainable coatings that are safe for the environment and non-toxic to people. Our specially formulated coating is ready to use and enhances the quality and prolongs the vase life of hydrangea. Mixing Liquidseal with commonly used fungicides can increase the effectiveness of the treatments and reduce Botrytis development even further.

How it works

Liquidseal is a post harvest coating which achieves shelf-life extension of perishable products such as hydrangea and roses. Liquidseal preserves product quality and freshness from grower to customer.

Liquidseal preserves product quality and freshness from grower to customer.


Effective barrier:

  • limits evaporation
  • slow release system

Liquidseal provides opportunities and benefits for all

Product Benefits:

  • Limits Botrytis infections and cross contaminations
  • Reduces losses
  • Improves the aesthetic aspect of the flower
  • Extends the vase life
  • Easy and inexpensive to apply and to implement
  • Prolongs the product quality from field to vase
  • Reduces evaporation and prevents the hydrangea from aging


  • Sustainable and innovative solution for the market
  • Provides greater flexibility in (sea) transportation
  • Quality retention
  • Less need for chemicals and fungicides
  • Access to new and distant markets
  • Reduces supply chain costs
  • Complies with requirements of zero-tolerance countries

Application, Post Harvest Handling, and Implementation

Our coatings seamlessly integrate into existing production lines, providing a flexible and low-cost solution for partners across the supply chain. Whether applied immediately after harvesting or just before packaging, Liquidseal ensures 100% coverage for hydrangea in various stages of blooming.

The best time to start using Liquidseal was 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

Contact us today to discover how Liquidseal’s eco-friendly protective coatings can elevate your business, allowing you to deliver flawless, long-lasting hydrangea. Experience the difference of Liquidseal’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

The Specifics

  • Product name: Liquidseal for Hydrangea.
  • Packaging: Jerrycan 25 ltr., Drum 200 ltr., IBC 1.000 ltr..
  • Shelf-life: 2 years (apply within 4 weeks after opening packaging).
  • Storage: Minimum storage temp. 5 °C, maximum storage temp. 40 °C..
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