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Papaya Coating: Keeping Papayas Fresh for Longer

Discover Liquidseal’s proven and cost-effective solution to preserving papayas. Our eco-friendly coatings have been perfected over decades to provide optimal protection throughout the supply chain, resulting in better looking and longer lasting papayas. All our recipes are bio-degradable, compostable and suitable for organic as well as conventional produce, and tested according to the highest standards.

Papaya Preservation and Shelf-Life

With Liquidseal’s papaya coating, you can extend the shelf-life of papayas and maintain their quality. Our compostable formula consistently retains the firmness of papayas, allowing them to enter their ripened stage while still staying fresh. Coated papayas are less susceptible to contaminants like mold, and we have observed a significant reduction in weight loss.

Liquidseal for Papayas post harvest

Results after 29 days at room temperature

Average weight loss

Liquidseal: Respect for Products, Partners, and Our Planet

Liquidseal preserves precious global resources by preventing wastage. By making optimal use of water and fertile soil, we can extend the shelf-life of fruits like papayas, but also of our planet. Global challenges have inspired us to step up and take the lead in moving our industry forward to a more sustainable future. Successful partnerships and a shared passion for excellence are what it will take to get things done.

Results: ECOLogic

Papayas coated with our plant-based formula consistently retain a more constant quality and increased firmness, while still being able to enter their ripened stage. Results show better looking papayas that are less susceptible to contaminants like rot and mold, as well as a significant reduction in weight loss while preserving papaya’s authentic aromas and attractive appearance.


Using Liquidseal cuts out wasteful expenses like overproduction to make up for losses and the harmful chemicals used to prevent them. Papayas can also be stored for longer, allowing for greater flexibility in responding to fluctuations in supply and demand. By removing the need to re-grade and re-sort upon arrival, Liquidseal is not only more effective but also more efficient.

How it works

Liquidseal is a post harvest coating which achieves shelf-life extension of perishable products such as fruits and vegetables. Liquidseal preserves product quality and freshness from grower to customer.

Effective barrier:

  • reduces evaporation
  • slow release system
  • controls gas exchange

Application, Post Harvest Handling, and Implementation

Liquidseal’s coatings can be easily applied in various ways and seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. Whether applied immediately after harvesting or during post harvest handling, our coatings ensure 100% coverage, providing security to papayas at different ripening stages. This flexibility makes Liquidseal the ideal choice for growers and importers, offering a low-cost solution across the supply chain.

Quality Assurance

Liquidseal’s fully certified range of coatings is internationally recognized for innovation and quality in the postharvest industry. Our award-winning products comply with even the strictest requirements of zero tolerance countries, allowing us to operate in diverse markets and build future enterprises. We prioritize partnerships based on mutual respect, shared values, and solid results.

“Liquidseal has been a gamechanger for the fruit exporters from Mexico to overseas markets, reducing food waste by at least 60% upon arrival at their European and Asian customers in Europe.”

General Manager, United Producers of Mexico.

From farm to customer, Liquidseal provides opportunities and benefits for all

Product benefits:

  • extends shelf-life
  • reduces losses
  • easy to apply
  • limits infections and cross contamination
  • maintains product quality throughout the supply chain
  • reduces weight loss
  • improves taste and appearance
  • maintains firmness


  • reduces supply chain costs
  • extends the sales window
  • limits the use of post harvest chemicals
  • opens up new markets
  • complies with requirements of zero-tolerance countries
  • provides greater flexibility in (sea) transportation
  • sustainable solution for the market
  • less need for plastic packaging during transport

The best time to start using Liquidseal was 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

The Specifics

  • Product name: Liquidseal for Papayas.
  • Packaging: Jerrycan 25 ltr., Jerrycan 12,5 ltr., Drum 200 ltr., IBC 1.000 ltr..
  • Shelf-life: 1 year (apply within 4 weeks after opening packaging).
  • Storage: Minimum storage temp. 5 °C, maximum storage temp. 40 °C..
  • Legislation: Compliant with EU and FDA regulations.
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