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About us

Liquidseal Timeline


Winner Finture Solutions 2019 Agrifood

Liquidseal Fruits is one of the winners of Finture Solutions 2019. A jury of experts selected five winners within the Agrifood, Water and Energy section. Liquidseal has been chosen for its innovative and sustainable packaging for fruit and is seen as one of the most powerful entrepreneurs to build a…


Packaging for fruits CAAE certified

From February 2018 our ultrathin packagings for fruits are CAAE-certified! CAAE is a Spanish company authorized and accredited for the certification of inputs within EU Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic production. Regulation (EC) 834/2007 sets out the framework of compliance for all producers of organic products. CAAE has reviewed the…


Packaging products for organic fruits

We are proud to announce that our innovative packaging products can be used on organic fruit. Recently, we asked Kiwa to check if our products, documentation, and production are compliant with the legislations for organic products. Kiwa is an acknowledged and reliable leader in certification, active in more than 40…


Dutch MKB Top 100 Innovation Award

On 29-9-2016 the Dutch Chamber of Commerce has announced the final ranking of the 100 selected innovations. All nominations were evaluated by a panel for their impact on industry and society. During the Day of the innovation it was announced that Liquidseal may call itself the No. 1 most innovative…

Carnations introduction recipe

In 2016 our assortment has been increased by introducing a recipe for carnations.  

Introduction Liquidseal for fruits

From 2016 Liquidseal is also available for tropical fruits (avocado – citrus – mango – papaya).  


Gerbera post harvest recipe introduction

From 2014 also a post harvest recipe for gerberas is available in the market.  


Roses post harvest recipe introduction

Since 2011 we have a post harvest recipe for cut flower roses.  


Application introduction lily bulbs

During 2009 the application for lily bulbs was introduced.


Lily bulbs introduction Liquidseal

During 2007 we introduced Liquidseal for lily bulbs.



In 2005 the Dutch company Liquidseal B.V. is founded.